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Of curious women and dead cats

Reading Time: 6 minutes OnlySky · Episode 8 of the Raising Freethinkers podcast Search not to find what lies too deeply hid Nor to know things whose knowledge is forbid. That bad advice is from John Denham, an English poet and politician in the 17th century. Bad advice, but also really common in our culture. If we want to […]

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Reflections of a father figure

Reading Time: 4 minutes OnlySky · Reflections of a father figure | JH McKenna I was looking at my face in the mirror this morning, as I do every day soon after waking up, but this time, for some reason, I saw afresh the lingering imprint of my father. Daddy, as we southern-bred kids called him, was raised with […]

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Daddy issues: Do ‘defective fathers’ lead children to reject the idea of God?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Few atheists will be celebrating their dads on Father’s Day. At least that’s the solemn judgment of Dr. Paul Vitz, psychologist and author of Faith of the Fatherless: the psychology of atheism. Published in 1999, Vitz’s book argues that absent or abusive fathers cause their children to lose trust in father figures, leading those kids […]

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The work we do, with the time we have

Reading Time: 6 minutes When I was a wee sprog, I dreamed big. I was going to be a physics professor, working on tricky cosmology problems related to heat and expansion. (I was the precocious twit reading Feynman and Hawking at twelve and, like any twelve-year-old, feeling confident that I understood everything because I’d read a few pop-sci texts.) […]