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Godless Little Girl Drops Rhetorical Bombs At School

Reading Time: 2 minutes William Scott, aged 38, was gobsmacked when his seven year old daughter’s principal called him in the early afternoon last Tuesday. His daughter, Mikayla, had been expressing her love of logic on the playground earlier that day which had left many of her classmates in tears and others very angry.  The principal reported that the […]

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Do People Become Atheists Because They Had Bad Fathers?

Reading Time: 4 minutes I shouldn’t even have to answer this question. It’s so inane that I almost didn’t write a response. It’s insulting to the intelligence of anyone who hears it, and it reduces a belief structure to a psychological malady. But then I remember that atheists do that to Christians all the time, calling their religion a mental […]

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Please Don’t Hold Me at Arm’s Length

Reading Time: 5 minutes Dear (family member), I’d like to talk to you for a minute about this…thing…that’s come between us.  Because we are family, our conversations remain warm and our mutual love is authentic.  For that I am grateful.  But amidst the warmth there remains an uncomfortable tension—an emotional distance—that wasn’t there before.  Things between us were pretty […]

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The Southern Baptist cafeteria

Reading Time: 3 minutes An ongoing series of posts while I’m writing In Faith and In Doubt, a book on the secular/religious mixed marriage. A few weeks ago I wrote about the difference between official Catholic doctrine and the actual beliefs of most Catholics. Later on I’ll write about the wide variation in nonreligious beliefs. Today it’s a quick […]

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The cover

Reading Time: 2 minutes I really wondered what direction the publisher would go for this cover, and once again, the design team at AMACOM Books did me proud. Every cover design process gives me hives. So far they’ve all turned out really well: The non-praying mother-child hands of Parenting Beyond Belief, the curious kid on Raising Freethinkers, the solo […]

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Engage paddle drive!

Reading Time: < 1 minute A series of short posts while I’m writing a book on the secular/religious mixed marriage. Ever pedal a paddleboat? No you haven’t. No you haven’t, because the pedals on those damn things are attached to nothing. It’s like the DOOR CLOSE button on an elevator, or the pedestrian crossing button — just there to make […]

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STATURDAY: More inclusive, period

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Riley survey (conducted for Naomi Schaefer Riley’s book ‘Til Faith Do Us Part) asked married respondents to choose between the following statements: 1. It is better for everyone involved if a married couple have the same religion. 2. What really matters is that a married couple have the same values regardless of their religion. […]