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My big fat Christian wedding

Reading Time: 3 minutes If major religious differences doom a marriage, mine should have been toe-tagged at the altar. Our religious differences were arguably as major as they could get. By the time I approached that altar in a century-old church in San Francisco, I’d identified as an atheist for 15 years. I read the Bible critically at 13 […]

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Don’t ‘be fruitful and multiply’: Group urging people to stop having kids gains public support

Reading Time: 5 minutes Gay bars ain’t what they used to be—exclusively gay. In my hometown, the popular Spanish resort of Benidorm, there are around 30 LGBT+ venues, at least a dozen of which are clustered within a very small area. On any night of the week, you will find heterosexual couples in these intimate bars, happily mingling with […]

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The death of a useful monster

Reading Time: 3 minutes High in the Pennines in the north of England, in the gold-brown water of the River Tees, lives a creature named Peg Powler. She’s a mermaid, kind of, but she’s no Ariel. Peg is a river hag, with green hair and skin and a row of jagged teeth. And unlike Ariel, she lives not to make children […]

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Racing against the speed of light

Reading Time: 4 minutes Our family has a longstanding relationship with the speed of light. We take care never to exceed it, for one thing. But there’s more than that. As a kid, I had a lot of light-related fascinations—that light had a speed at all, for starters, and that it was so unimaginably fast, yet also finite and […]