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mythed it by that much

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m working on a pretty complicated entry for later this week — you’ll see what I mean — so here’s a quickie to fill the gap. My daughters (5 and 9) are currently eating up Greek myths as bedtime stories. Friday was Dedalus and Icarus, yesterday Pegasus and Bellerophon. Tonight I told the story of […]

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choosing your battles

Reading Time: 4 minutes I’m all Southern now. For proof, see last post, in which God and football are mentioned in the same breath. Somebody emailed me to ask why exactly I’m not girding for battle over the inclusion of God as one of the four team values for my son’s public football league. Let’s suppose for a moment […]

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mirror, mirror, in my head

Reading Time: 6 minutes My kids hate getting in trouble. They also hate actual punishment, of course, which is why we keep careful track of the things they love so we can yank them away when the time is right. It’s what parents and all other petty gods do. But we don’t often get to the punishment, actually, or […]

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the iWord

Reading Time: 4 minutes [Creepy cover image from The Manipulated Mind: Brainwashing, Conditioning and Indoctrination by Denise Winn.] There’s a smart and funny dad-blog across the pond (no no, the other pond — veer left and go long) at the Sydney Morning Herald called “Who’s Your Daddy.” Author Sacha Molitorisz blogged about parenting and religious issues in WYD the […]

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Rubbernecking at evil

Reading Time: 6 minutes Any kid knows there’s only one way to view evil: Notice the difference between the Venetian blinds, above, and the blackout curtains, below: The second girl is playing hide-and-seek. The first one is looking at something forbidden — or maybe playing hide-and-seek the way I always did. I always admired Lot’s wife for peeking. Turning […]

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“To hell with this goddamn freethought parenting!”

Reading Time: 4 minutes To hell with this goddamn freethought parenting! — Rebekah McGowan That shocking phrase came hurtling from between the tender lips of the mother of my children as we sat nursing our morning lattés yesterday. Turns out Becca had spent the end of the previous evening fencing with our nearly 12-year-old son over the appropriate bedtime […]

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Kids’ behavior baffles secular dad

Reading Time: 4 minutes Help me out with this one. My kids have been showing a pattern of behavior lately. Well, truthfully, it’s nothing new. They’ve been this way for years. But it’s only lately that I’ve come to recognize it as a pattern, and I just can’t figure out where it comes from. My worldview is completely nontheistic, […]

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Jerry Falwell and the absent dancers

Reading Time: 6 minutes To philosophize is to learn how to die. Michel de Montaigne Oh relax. I’m not going to impugn the recently departed Jerry Falwell. Christopher Hitchens is taking care of that, God bless ‘im. I will grant, for reasons unclear to me, the traditional period of immunity enjoyed by the newly demised. It was Falwell’s death […]

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Of babies and bathwater, Part I

Reading Time: 4 minutes (I love a good analogy and despise a bad one. This post is about two unforgettably eye-opening analogies, neither of which includes babies or bathwater, and both of which can help kids grasp an otherwise ungraspable thing: how recent is our arrival in the universe. My next post will look at the unfortunate seductive power […]