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My Recent Trip To NYC

Reading Time: 2 minutes I brought my kids to NYC for a few days. It was our first trip together post-divorce and everything went well. My ex and I have two very different attitudes towards taking time off. For her taking time off meant hanging out by the beach, camping, or going to a water park with the kids. […]

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Christianity Has a Major Boundary Problem

Reading Time: 10 minutes Every holiday season, my fellow deconverts have to put up with their families for the annual “Come to Jesus” speeches, the subtle and not-so-subtle attempts at evangelism, and the myriad other forms of manipulation that have kept them at a fair distance for all the other months of the year. All families have their passive-aggressive moments, […]

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Help! My Husband Has Become an Atheist!

Reading Time: 7 minutes I often get contacted by deconverts who are married to still-believers and are trying to navigate the minefields of conflicting beliefs which their marriages have become. This week, however, I received a communication from the still-believing wife asking for help in understanding and loving her apostate husband. Here was her letter to me (personal details […]

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Sometimes Love Really Is Abuse

Reading Time: 5 minutes The past couple of weeks there has been a lot of discussion about religious indoctrination and abuse.  A couple of weeks ago I received a good bit of pushback from my readers because I asserted that you shouldn’t call teaching creationism “child abuse.” If you check out that article (linked here) and sort the comments by number of […]