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Celebrating the sex-positive power of the pussy

Reading Time: 3 minutes OnlySky · Celebrating the sex-positive power of the pussy with Eleanor O’Brien | Becky Garrison While the current “talk” about female sexuality may come off as sounding “sex-positive,” corporate media remains stuck in the era of Mad Men. Taboo topics remain taboo with sites such as OnlySky getting demonetized by their ad server for penning […]

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‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ sends a terrible message about motherhood

Reading Time: 3 minutes Like any good nerd, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was at the top of my watchlist. And while it was an okay enough superhero film, the gender politics of it—especially given the current climate—were incredibly off-putting. You’ve been warned: Spoiler alerts ahead. Within minutes of the movie’s start, I whispered to my viewing […]

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The transgender swimming ban is not about sports

Reading Time: 6 minutes FINA, the international swimming federation, has banned trans women from competing in women’s categories for the sports it governs. Within days of this announcement, a raft of other sporting bodies had announced reviews of their policies for transgender inclusion, and the International Rugby League banned trans women from competition, pending “further research.”  The decision has […]

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Women are livestock

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Supreme Court has now made it clear. Women have the same rights as farm animals. If a cow is impregnated by a bull, does she have a right to say whether she should carry the fetus to term? Of course not! The farmer who owns her, and has invested in her, providing food and […]

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Her ex

Reading Time: 4 minutes When I was a young woman, tending house for the first time after leaving my community of origin, I would surprise myself while washing dishes in the sink, as the water turned playfully pink, and I didn’t know why. Sometimes I would see bright droplets of blood on the floor and follow them like breadcrumbs, […]

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To bi or not to bi?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Growing up in Orange County California, where money was king, Reagan was God, and Rush Limbaugh his prophet, that was the question. Homosexuality was not an appropriate discussion topic. Ever. Gays were icky, and we should just pretend they don’t exist at all. Especially if you’re Catholic, or pretending to be. By the time I […]