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Uterus 101: On menstruation, miscarriage, and mifepristone

Reading Time: 10 minutes When my Grade 5 class went through Ontario’s reproductive health curriculum in the mid-1990s, the boys and girls were separated, and received remarkably different lessons. Along with the basics of our changing bodies, I and the girls were shown how to use condoms through a banana demonstration, and told how important protection would be when […]

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In defense of the May/December relationship

Reading Time: 4 minutes I met my future husband in 1996, two years after losing my partner Brian to cancer. A former British army recruit, Brian was 47, I was a couple of years older. We’d been together for two decades. Then I met Marcus. Frankly, I thought nothing would develop out of our chance encounter on a tube […]

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Faith and sexuality collide in Finland

Reading Time: 5 minutes Two court cases about faith and sexuality have been dubiously characterized as “shocking” and “a ‘canary in the coalmine’ for freedom of speech throughout the Western world,” according to human rights lawyer Paul Coleman of the conservative, religion-promoting Alliance Defending Freedom International (ADFI). Though the ADFI’s characterization may sound a bit overwrought (and is), it’s, […]

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The secular humanist’s guide to trans advocacy

Reading Time: 16 minutes I really didn’t want to have to write this piece. Amid pandemic and Russia’s war in Ukraine, along with famines, the ravages of climate change, and other global conflicts, did the U.S. really need to exacerbate human trauma by introducing so much harmful legislation lately? Gosh. Even writing that, it’s hard to pin down which […]

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What not to say during sex

Reading Time: < 1 minute I was inspired by Erin Louis’ piece 10 secular alternatives to “Oh My God” during sex and decided to write this autobiographical post. While Erin explores the many alternatives of what you can say during intercourse, I would like to share what not to say. How do I know what not to say during sex? […]

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10 secular alternatives to “Oh My God” during sex

Reading Time: < 1 minute My personal go-to when replacing the word “God” is Lemmy. As in the rock god Lemmy Kilmister. Like when someone sneezes I might say, “Lemmy blesses you.” Or “Lemmy help me, my boss is an idiot.” But saying “Oh my Lemmy,” during sex, particularly if the person’s name doesn’t happen to be Lemmy, could be […]

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Why is Kim Kardashian yelling at us?

Reading Time: 2 minutes That’s the tweet from author and activist Glennon Doyle about Kim Kardashian’s recent viral advice for working women as part of a Variety interview shared on their social media account. Doyle, who is known for being outspoken and direct, but not unkind, summed up how many of us are feeling. Kardashian’s hot take is not […]

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Babes + booze 4ever: A review of “Girly Drinks” by Mallory O’Meara

Reading Time: 3 minutes When you hear the phrase “girly drinks,” what comes to mind? Probably pink drinks and cosmos, white wine, and sweet fruity stuff. But what if I told you these concoctions are a pretty recent development that actually reflects a centuries-long history of men trying to exclude women from developments in various important aspects of alcohol […]

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Why I wish I’d transitioned when I was 12

Reading Time: 7 minutes Texas Governor Greg Abbott has ordered that parents of trans children be prosecuted as child abusers. The Biden administration has mobilized against the order, and the ACLU is suing, but the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has begun investigations of some parents. A district judge has now blocked these investigations pending a March […]