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One world, one life: Meet OnlySky

Reading Time: < 1 minute Thirty years ago, one-sixteenth of Americans identified with no religion. Now it’s nearly a third. For Generation Z, it’s close to half. These are people who share many basic values about how to make the most of this one world and one life. But we are fragmented and disconnected and poorly defined, so our cultural […]

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What not to say during sex

Reading Time: < 1 minute I was inspired by Erin Louis’ piece 10 secular alternatives to “Oh My God” during sex and decided to write this autobiographical post. While Erin explores the many alternatives of what you can say during intercourse, I would like to share what not to say. How do I know what not to say during sex? […]

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In Putin’s Ukraine, vodka drink you!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Not long after my daughter was born, my then-fiancé and I went with baby in tow for a weekend at a condo in Rocky Point, just over the Mexican border from Arizona. The border guard who checked our passports on the way home had a pretty heavy foreign accent. I wonder about his story.  A […]

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The Allentown ‘Black Mass’ of 1985

Reading Time: 4 minutes When The Satanic Temple (TST) brought its first annual SatanCon to Scottsdale, Arizona last week, many detractors said they were going to perform a black mass and (through whatever supernatural mechanism) bring harm to the city.  Black masses aren’t really a thing People have been doing Satanic rituals like the ones done by TST and […]