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Evangelist’s son found guilty for leaving flowers on fiancée’s grave

Reading Time: 4 minutes On Thursday, a judge found Winchester (Winston) Hagans guilty of criminal littering. The Alabama man had desecrated a gravesite, and for that, he was fined $50 for littering and another $250 by the court. Ruining someone’s gravesite sounds horrible. That penalty even seems fairly mild. But when you hear the details of the story, you’ll […]

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Will I go gentle?

Reading Time: 9 minutes OnlySky · Will I go gentle? | Dale McGowan If you haven’t visited The Death Clock, you really must. Enter your date of birth, height, weight and Body Mass Index, and the Death Clock spits out the day and date on which you’ll hear the galloping hooves of the pale horse. Mine is Tuesday, December […]

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Death and the absent dancers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Fifteen years ago today, Reverend Jerry Falwell, Sr. went to his reward. Many of those who did not like Falwell were happy that he got this reward, while those who loved him were very, very sad. This is strange. At the time, many of his fellow religious believers shook stern fingers at the rest of […]

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There is a secular afterlife

Reading Time: 4 minutes My family church here in Indonesia offers an online Bible study. One day, at my parents’ request, I helped them navigate to the page. The theme of the day was “Being brave facing death.” In support, a common proverb was offered: urip mung mampir ngombe—”Life is just stopping by to drink.” The proverb invites us […]

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Slowing to listen at the end of life

Reading Time: 12 minutes Marcia sat up on the side of the bed, a hand on each knee, and braced herself as she leaned forward to open the space in her chest for more air. At 52, she was dying of ovarian cancer that had spread to her liver. The critical organ had failed, causing excess fluid to gather […]