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A response to Hirsi Ali’s response to her critics

Reading Time: 6 minutes Former atheist anti-Islamic author Ayaan Hirsi Ali recently wrote a column for UnHerd declaring her new identity as a Christian. This caused quite some uproar in certain circles given her previous ardent advocacy for rejecting Islam for unbelief. The author and public critic of Islam was associated with the New Atheist movement. I discussed previously […]

Posted inCritical thinking

Meet the Fab Five of misleading information

Reading Time: 8 minutes Misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation abound in media, government, and everyday interactions, but they’re not the only misleading games in town. We also have to deal with truthiness and just-so stories. Together, this “fab five” of false forms can mislead us into thinking we have a greater lock on the facts than we do.

Posted inPhilosophy

On final solutions

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the failings of religion is inflexibility. Religious people may conclude that a god is the source of objective morality. Therefore, they are externalizing and objectivizing a relative, subjective concept. Also, they are obviating the possibility of error correction and progress. Religious people sometimes see arguments inside their movements and assume that they are […]

Posted inViolence

‘Guns don’t kill…transgender terrorists do’—the latest in culture war opportunism

Reading Time: 5 minutes The news has sent waves across America: A former pupil returned to their Nashville elementary school to gun down three children and three adults. What happened was horrific. As we discuss the terrible ordeal, no discussion should take away from this reality. What the shooter did was disgusting, and when we seek understanding of what […]

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