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Christian Coercion: From Tolerated to Dominant

Reading Time: 10 minutes We’ve been talking lately about the early history of Christianity and how different it is from the history offered up by most Christian apologists and leaders. This definitely is not a history I learned growing up Catholic or as a fundamentalist lass! If anything, it’s even more fascinating to me than the fictionalized version–and shows me […]

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The motive of the questioner is beside the point

Reading Time: 3 minutes When a system of belief lacks evidential support, it must compensate for this weakness by surrounding itself with defense mechanisms. These defense mechanisms do nothing to address the flaws themselves, rather they attempt to divert attention away from the vulnerabilities of the system, drawing fire in an alternative direction.  By far the laziest (and therefore the […]

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Being Toto

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Wizard of Oz is a secular humanist parable. I’m not the first to suggest this possibility. But the eye roll I got from my 17-year-old son when I said it at dinner the other night could have cleared the dishes from the table. He’s currently soldiering through an AP Lit class in which the […]

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In which a really smart man makes me sad

Reading Time: 3 minutes I just finished writing a short piece on the ways in which “atheist” and “agnostic” can both describe the same worldview: it is my considered opinion that God does not exist (atheist), and because you can never be quite sure of such a thing, I’m not quite sure (agnostic). While doing the research, I came […]