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What if she comes anyway?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Her name was first spoken in hushed tones among children all over America [over] twenty years ago. Even in Sweden folklorists reported Bloody Mary’s fame. Children of all races and classes told of the hideous demon conjured by chanting her name before a mirror in a pitch-dark room. And when she crashes through the glass, […]

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for your viewing pleasure

Reading Time: 2 minutes CONNOR ATOP BRAILES HILL, OXFORDSHIRE, OCTOBER 2004 Two new feature pages have been added here at The Meming of Life: 1. TEN WONDERFULL THINGS I’ve grappled with the problem of how best to present links of interest. Blogrolls are fine, but short ones are incomplete and long ones make my eyes cross. My solution is […]

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a brush with relevance

Reading Time: 3 minutes (Being the first in a series of reports on the 2007 convention of the Atheist Alliance International in Washington DC.) I don’t have many genuine heroes. Carl Sagan set the bar pretty high when I was thirteen. Since then I’ve generally required a combination of intelligence, lucidity, and courage from applicants to my private Valhalla. […]

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outfoxing the buddha

Reading Time: 2 minutes THE LEGEND OF THE THREE WATERFALLS 1,000 years ago, on a moonlit night, a priest dreamed that Buddha told him where to find three springs with magical powers. This gave the priest much happiness. Later, when the sun was shining, Buddha turned these springs into three wonderful waterfalls surrounded by trees. Each waterfall confers a […]

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the iWord

Reading Time: 4 minutes [Creepy cover image from The Manipulated Mind: Brainwashing, Conditioning and Indoctrination by Denise Winn.] There’s a smart and funny dad-blog across the pond (no no, the other pond — veer left and go long) at the Sydney Morning Herald called “Who’s Your Daddy.” Author Sacha Molitorisz blogged about parenting and religious issues in WYD the […]