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Seeing the funny side of death

Reading Time: 6 minutes All I could think of when a searing pain spread across my chest as I sat on a bus last week was “No, no, NO! This is not the way I want to go.” Dying of a heart attack is just so…mundane. And that manner of passing would certainly not earn me a place in […]

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A prepaid funeral plan? Over my dead body!

Reading Time: 5 minutes This morning I did a double-take when I read the following sentence: “Despite amazing advances in medical science and technology, the mortality rate for human beings stands at a whopping 100 percent.” I had to read it twice before concluding that someone was having a laugh. A line like that could only be delivered by […]

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The Greatest Fear

Reading Time: 2 minutes Fear of death is a great motivator. Everyone has this instinctive fear, and its counterpart, self-preservation. Religious belief allays that fear with the promise of an eternal soul. Children learn early that all people eventually die. They are especially susceptible to the promises of “salvation” through religious belief. Once implanted, those ideas become a virtually […]