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Sam Harris Elaborates on Near-Death Experiences

Reading Time: < 1 minute Remember that awful cover Newsweek from back in October?

At the time, Sam Harris (a neuroscientist himself) ripped apart Dr. Eben Alexander, who wrote that embarrassing cover story.

Now, Harris has finished reading Alexander’s actual book Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife… and it turns out the whole premise still makes no sense:

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Christopher Hitchens' Last Words

Reading Time: 3 minutes They weren’t “I’ve found Jesus!” In anticipation of his final book Mortality, to be released on September 4th, his widow Carol Blue penned an afterword which was released online this weekend: I can’t seem to access the full piece at The Daily Telegraph, but you can catch glimpses of it at Google Books. Here’s Carol […]

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How to Hold a Funeral Without God

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s hard enough dealing with all the grief surrounding anyone’s funeral. But there’s also the unique challenge of keeping religion out of it, if that’s what the family (or deceased) wants. Jane Wynne Willson‘s book Funerals Without God has been around since 1989, but if you haven’t read it before, a new edition is now […]

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7. Hey…it’s your funeral

Reading Time: 2 minutes (Post 7 of 33 in my 16-hour shift for the Secular Student Alliance Blogathon.) 11:00 am EDT Speaking of death — if you are anything but conventionally religious, and you love your family in the least, write down your funeral plans in detail. I know what you’re saying — “Hey, what do I care, I’ll […]

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On being awake

Reading Time: 2 minutes To be awake is to be alive. I have never met a man who was quite awake. How could I have looked him in the face? From Walden by Henry David Thoreau A question on the Parenting Beyond Belief Facebook page brought this post to mind from August 2008: I had just been interviewed for […]