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The Endtimes Just Ain’t What It Used To Be

Reading Time: 10 minutes It’s nice that he accepts the science around climate change — and about humans having brought our planet to the brink of utter ecological disaster. That’s definitely nice to see from a Christian. But he’s trying to use that potential future as a way to terrorize people into accepting his religious claims.

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Why Michael Flynn dreams of theocracy

Reading Time: 9 minutes Naturally, Michael Flynn got reamed on Twitter for his comment. But he’s revealed a truth that we dare not ignore. This is the endgame for his entire flavor of Christianity. This is them revealing something very important about what they know about their decline. Today, let me show you the dreadful truth that Michael Flynn let slip about evangelicals.

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Substitutionary Atonement for Decency

Reading Time: 8 minutes Toxic Christians have a lot of similar methods of easing their consciences and keeping themselves feeling smugly superior to others. In a lot of ways, we could even call their self-soothing methods substitutionary atonement for their real-life behavior. Today, let me show you what I mean.

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Humanist Morality (I)

Reading Time: 6 minutes I am insanely busy just now – as ever – so here is an extract from Steven Pinker’s Enlightenment Now. It has been a very enjoyable book, despite disagreeing with a couple of sections, such as his IDW-style attacks on the left for cancel culture-type things. I’ll ignore them. Here, he is in his concluding chapter […]

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The Foundation to My Whole Worldview

Reading Time: 8 minutes In a sense, this is about the most important piece I can write because out of it comes my whole philosophy. What you are about to read pertains to any abstract object: morality, meaning (of life or words), maths, purpose, and so on. I am just about to release a new book called Why I […]