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BANG! The Universe Verse

Reading Time: 2 minutes Oh I love this. BANG! The Universe Verse Book 1 is unique comic book that illustrates scientific theories about the origin of the universe as Dr. Seuss might have done. Best of all, though it’s set in verse delivered by a cartoon Einstein, there’s no dumbing down of content. Instead, Jamie Dunbar has given the […]

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Invisible knapsacks / Can you hear me now? 12

Reading Time: 3 minutes My mind has been on invisible knapsacks this week. After health care reform passed, the gnashing of teeth intensified among its opponents — a deep concern about (non-war-related) expense, dire warnings of our descent into one or more other-than-capital isms, and a tearful eulogy for the America We Loved. These flies are always buzzing, and […]

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Penny wise

Reading Time: 3 minutes My kids are weirdly consistent in their vocational dreams. They flirt with various ideas, but they always end up whipping back to their respective Norths like compass needles. By the time I was ten, I’d already torn through a half-dozen intended vocations: paleontologist, stand-up comedian, astronaut, clarinetist…stuff like that. For years, Connor (now 14) has […]

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Ho ho ho no mo

Reading Time: 4 minutes And so, as predicted, Santa has darkened the McGowan fireplace for the last time. Delaney (8) followed the same classic curve as the other two. She started last year with the ancillary technical questions of a child who’s begun to smell something funky but doesn’t reeeally want to dig to the back of the fridge […]

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The ultimate Robertson smackdown

Reading Time: 2 minutes You may have heard about Pat Robertson’s reliably idiotic response to the Haitian earthquake — that Haiti is reaping the consequences of a pact made with the devil in the 18th century by Haitian slaves. Sane commentators, both religious and non, have rightly heaped outrage and derision on Robertson’s latest departure from human decency. But […]

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The Joy of Giving Up / cyhmn? 8

Reading Time: 6 minutes I started this series-about-Facebook-within-a-series-about-communication by describing an exchange with two normal, non-crazy, hearable and listenable religious friends. I wanted to show (1) that most religious people are, in fact, normal, non-crazy, hearable and listenable, (2) that it’s best to assume someone is all those things until proven otherwise, and (3) that time spent communicating thoughtfully […]

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Pigeonhole THIS / Can you hear me now? 7

Reading Time: 5 minutes When she says “I’m Sagittarian” I confess a pigeonhole starts to form And is immediately filled with pigeon When she says her name is Storm. Tim Minchin, “Storm” We all do it. We listen for a few clues, then assign a pigeonhole to the speaker. Maybe the beak’s still moving, who knows. It’s hard to […]

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Anatomy of a reply / Can you hear me now? 6

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last time I described an exchange I had on Facebook. A friend asked what I considered to be the negatives of church community. I answered, and the friend who had asked the question expressed real appreciation for the reply — despite the fact that it includes actual direct critique. A fellow secular humanist asked how […]

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