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Where do we get our morals?

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you, like me, are atheist, then you have no doubt had this question leveled at you as well. It’s ubiquitous in such circles, but it has no merit, really. Rather similar is the idea that if “God is dead” then we will just go about murdering babies. Let sociologist and colleague here at OnlySky […]

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The Ides of March: Is Putin a tyrant?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Senator Lindsey Graham recently called for the murder of Vladimir Putin. He invoked the history of tyrannicide when he asked in a tweet, “Is there a Brutus in Russia?” Critics were outraged. But the logic is simple: If Putin is a tyrant, tyrannicide is a plausible response. To call someone a tyrant implies they are […]

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Book review: Gunther Laird’s Unnecessary Science debunks Natural Law Theory from within

Reading Time: 4 minutes Laws like Roe vs. Wade that many secular people hold dear are under threat. Much of how they are threatened is down to the partisan nature of American politics, but it is also underwritten by thinkers who provide an ethical framework from which certain political factions can structure their legal assault. Edward Feser is an […]

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Life isn’t fair, so why should sports be?

Reading Time: 5 minutes To help us cope with life’s inevitable setbacks and injustices, we have developed certain aphoristic tidbits. Displayed often on bumper stickers and t-shirts, these include such sayings as, “It is what it is,” or the French version, “C’est la vie.” It also includes the PG-13 rendering of another, “Stuff Happens” (seen on bumper stickers as […]

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Sports are for losers: On unavoidable suffering and learning to flourish

Reading Time: 5 minutes The recent Olympic Games, the ensuing NCAA March Madness Tournaments, and all other competitions produce an exorbitant amount of one category of athlete: losers. All told, the 2022 Winter Olympic Games alone sent home more than 2,000 losers. Sports and competition itself is a uniquely unforgiving institution. It’s designed so a large majority of participants lose […]