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Okay, So Sure, Let’s Talk About the Historical Jesus

Reading Time: 10 minutes Yeah, we’re going there. Strap in. Ask almost any Christian if Jesus really existed, and you’ll get an immediate and absolutely positive “yes, oh yes, definitely he did.” With all the 41,000-some-odd denominations of Christianity, it’s just about the only thing most churches’ doctrines agree on. I spent my entire early life believing–and parroting–the tired […]

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The Christian’s Guide to Ex-Christians: Miracle Maxin’

Reading Time: 13 minutes Christians move through a world filled with all sorts of divine interventions by their god–to the point where they openly scoff that no amount of miracles would ever make a skeptic happy. I’ve even read a Christian minister claim that the real problem with skeptics is that we’ve been deluged with so many miracles we’re just plain bored with the silly things by now. To be honest, any amount of miracles would be fine with me. Any amount at all is better than what there is currently, which is “none.”

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The Skippy List.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Ready for something lighter? I know I am. If you’re a gamer or military type, you probably already know about The Skippy List, a large selection of military-related things that the eponymous Skippy is not allowed to do (anymore). You might even know about the similar list theglen has circulated over on LiveJournal about similar […]

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Stopping Thought.

Reading Time: 6 minutes Before I go much further, I also want to stop and talk a little about the idea of thought terminators, because in that Bible study I was about to do, I was going to run a lot of them through my own head. A thought terminating cliché is something that people say to stifle questions, […]

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Reading Time: 6 minutes I want to stop and talk a bit about the idea I mentioned in my last post about compartmentalization. Compartmentalization is what every single one of us does to avoid having to come face-to-face with a painful truth. We block that information away into another part of our minds so we can keep believing something. […]

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The Power of Prayer, Part One.

Reading Time: 8 minutes It’s not an exaggeration to say that tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people were praying for Daniel’s recovery from brain cancer. He was one of the Big Name Fans in our denomination; we had ties to mission churches all over the world as well. I was one of the people who spent quite some time on her knees praying for Daniel’s recovery. Even Biff, who very rarely prayed anywhere but in church, prayed for him. We were absolutely convinced that God would heal him. Why wouldn’t he?