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Why the Kennedy v. Bremerton SCOTUS ruling empowers secular defenders of religious liberty

Reading Time: 3 minutes As the recent Supreme Court ruling Kennedy v. Bremerton allows football coaches to kneel with students in prayer on the fifty-yard line, it also opens the door for more teachers, coaches, and other public officials to practice their religion in public. This seems like an unhappy entanglement between religion and the state, but could secular […]

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If you wanna play, you gotta pray

Reading Time: 2 minutes The deluge continues. Not only have we had the elimination of a woman’s constitutional right to have an abortion, but we have also had two attacks on church/state separation. After deciding that states must fund religious schools, the Supreme Court has now upheld a coach who defied his school administration and held prayer sessions on […]

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America? We need to talk.

Reading Time: 2 minutes I want to start by saying I will always love you. You’ve been here my whole life. You gave me MTV. And let’s face it, without Madonna or Tawny Kitaen, I might have ended up a DMV clerk or some other horrendous thing. We’ve had a lot of good times together. Remember when we thought […]

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The atheist case for free speech

Reading Time: 10 minutes It was about 15 years ago, at Pitzer College, a small liberal arts institution in California, in my Sociology of Religion class. The morning’s lecture was “The Origins of Mormonism.” A main point of the lecture was to illustrate the way in which this recently-established world religion emerged not because of any supernatural magic, but […]

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How humanism helped me let go of God

Reading Time: 3 minutes I grew up with the idea that goodness came from God. My family was sort of Catholic—the soft Catholicism that meant we didn’t read the bible or go to church unless it was absolutely necessary. And while hell was a concept I was familiar with, it wasn’t the main focus of our religion. The main […]

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Of God and guns

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the wake of yet another and another and another mass shooting by a young man armed with an AR-15, it is natural for people to seek someone or something to blame. The left blames their usual suspects: too-easy access to increasingly lethal firearms, the NRA, and their Republican enablers. The right also has their […]

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What does being a ‘person’ do?

Reading Time: 8 minutes In 2008, a Macedonian court found a bear guilty of damaging beehives. Since it had no owner and belonged to a protected species, the state was made to pay the fine instead. Legal history abounds with stories of animal trials, especially in the Middle Ages and early Enlightenment, when both secular and Ecclesiastical variants played […]

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Sahra’s last message | Ashkan Mehr Roshan

Before the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, an Iranian activist, blogger, and translator who goes by the pseudonym Ashkan Mehr Roshan connected with an Afghan woman and freethinker. Together, they formed one of the biggest and most effective underground support communities for nonbelievers and religious minorities in the region. But shortly after the Taliban […]

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‘Identitarianism’ isn’t tearing humanists apart. It’s making us stronger

Reading Time: 7 minutes In an editorial appearing in the June/July issue of Free Inquiry, Robyn Blumner, the CEO of the Center for Inquiry and the executive director of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason &, Science, claims identity politics and cancel culture have “torn apart” the Humanist movement (as far as there is one) mostly because people criticized […]