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The lazy atheist

Reading Time: 3 minutes Not doing something is usually easier than doing it. Not taking out the trash burns fewer calories than taking out the trash. Forgetting to run a marathon, neglecting to get a Ph.D. in physics, declining to write a novel—each of these non-doings is easier than doing any one of them. So it should be easy […]

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The atheist movement is…dead?

Reading Time: 7 minutes As a frontline atheist activist, I’m fascinated whenever I see someone lament—or even celebrate—the notion that “the atheist movement is dead!” Often, it follows some flavor of scandal involving an atheist leader, commentator, or YouTuber. There’s a fall from grace (if you’ll pardon the expression), and critics eagerly handcuff the disgraced figure to the wide […]

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The leading edge of social justice is secular

Reading Time: 5 minutes As Israeli soldiers and settlers continue to brutalize, humiliate, and kill Palestinians with impunity, there is one major human rights organization in Israel documenting and protesting these crimes: B’Tselem. Given that B’Tselem is a humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting for justice, human rights, and the alleviation of suffering, you might think it is a religious […]

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SatanCon 0: The truth laid bare

Reading Time: 3 minutes SatanCon 0 was a historic event. In my vocation, it is exceedingly rare to be a party to such an occasion. Inside the hotel grounds and convention, everything was entirely pleasant and jovial. Many of the attendees were reuniting with good friends they hadn’t seen in almost a decade. Others had been online friends for […]

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Organizer without a prayer: A. Philip Randolph

Reading Time: 3 minutes The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963 has become the most famous moment of the civil rights movement. Over 250,000 people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial to listen to civil rights leaders such as future Congressman John Lewis and then-NAACP president Roy Wilkins. Everyone remembers the brilliance of Dr. Martin Luther King’s […]