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Lies the Supreme Court tells about religious liberty

Reading Time: 6 minutes Since its adoption as the national motto in 1956, the inclusion of the phrase “In God We Trust” on the American national currency has faced legal challenges, leading to unlikely judicial claims about the phrase’s secular intent and meaning. In response to a lawsuit against the government in 1970, the Ninth Circuit ruled that “It […]

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The secular Swiss, and the silence of the cows

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is easy to understand, from a secularist’s point of view, why people should fight against organized religion in the United States. They feel that religion in the US has an impressive hold on both society and politics and may create irrationality, hatred, bigotry, and social exclusion. But why fight against organized religion in Europe, […]

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Christian nationalists: Jesus must rule U.S. government

Reading Time: 4 minutes A disturbing New York Times article about the increasing fusion of U.S. evangelical Christianity and right-wing politics reveals a growing aspirational narrative thrusting Jesus front and center in American government. It is the opposite of what America’s founding fathers envisioned for their new, secularly governed democratic republic based on Enlightenment values. Yet, fundamentalist Christians since […]

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The stealth conservatism of Bill Maher

Reading Time: 7 minutes OnlySky · The stealth conservatism of Bill Maher | Eiynah As the number of religiously unaffiliated continues to grow around the world, it brings with it the promise of a more progressive future. This group, known also as the ‘nones’, shows time and time again that it trends toward a more left-leaning politics.  But that […]

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Secular values in action: Rep. Jamie Raskin

Reading Time: 5 minutes What would the United States look like if it were led according to secular values? Although the US was founded as a secular nation, Christianity has always wielded disproportionate influence on our politics. How would our laws be different if nonreligious people held one-third of congressional seats, proportional to our share of the population? Secular […]