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Dad Fights Against Moment of Silence

Reading Time: 2 minutes A long article about a Texas father fighting to remove the moment of silence appeared Monday night in the Dallas Morning News. [David Wallace Croft’s] largest fight to date is set to play out in federal district court in Dallas today. He and his wife, Shannon, are suing Gov. Rick Perry and the Carrollton-Farmers Branch […]

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Teaching the Bible in Texas Schools

Reading Time: 2 minutes Our favorite religion reporter at The Wall Street Journal, Suzanne Sataline, writes about how teaching the Bible in public school is (*big gasp*) causing a debate in Texas. The text used in Odessa high schools, developed by the nonprofit National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, represents as fact that the Bible was a […]

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Ellery Schempp

Reading Time: 2 minutes While we’re talking about new blogs, here’s one by Professor Stephen D. Solomon of New York University. Solomon went to Georgetown University for law school and has a new book coming out late next month: Ellery’s Protest: How One Young Man Defied Tradition and Sparked the Battle over School Prayer is about Ellery Schempp. If […]

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High School Atheist Speaks Out

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Contra Costa Times newspaper in California has a section where local high schoolers contribute opinion pieces. There’s a wonderful essay called “Respect choice not to believe” in today’s paper, written by Suzanne Millward, a senior at St. Patrick-St. Vincent High School (a Catholic school, if you hadn’t noticed). Most people get offended when I […]

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TeacherPreacher Back in Class

Reading Time: 2 minutes Remember History teacher David Paszkiewicz, the guy who was caught on tape preaching to his class? Remember how the student who taped him, Matthew LaClair, got death threats from the community of Kearny, NJ? Well, the case is (somewhat) resolved… As of Tuesday night, there is no teaching religion in Kearny schools– The school board […]

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TeacherPreacher Forgets Where He’s At

Reading Time: 2 minutes According to the NY Times, David Paszkiewicz, a History teacher at Kearny High School in New Jersey, told his students “that evolution and the Big Bang were not scientific, that dinosaurs were aboard Noah’s ark, and that only Christians had a place in heaven.” These words come courtesy of recordings made by a student, Matthew […]

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Columbine Father

Reading Time: 2 minutes On CBS Evening News last night, in response to the Amish school shooting, Katie Couric’s FreeSpeech segment showcased a father who lost his son at Columbine.  Brian Rohrbough spent the segment trying to answer his own question: Why did this happen?  Here’s what he said: I’m saddened and shakened by the shooting at an Amish […]

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Creationism for My Child’s Teacher

Reading Time: 6 minutes (***Update 7/10/06: The pamphlet mentioned in this post was edited to mention that the National Geographic article does say that there is sufficient evidence for evolution. Soon after that, other points about the inaccuracies of the document were discussed on this website and the pamphlet was taken down from the Parkview site altogether. Thus, the […]

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