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Mississippi bill would place cameras in public schools and colleges

Reading Time: 3 minutes Orwellian is a term that can get tossed around without much thought but in the strange case of Mississippi House Bill 278, the term seems quite appropriate. If passed into law the state will place surveillance cameras in every single primary school and public institution of secondary education. Introduced by Republican Representative Stacey Hobgood-Wilkes the […]

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1 Million Moms attack Disney

Reading Time: 2 minutes One Million Moms is a conservative Christian group that’s attacking Disney for the cartoon Firebuds. These moms are serious and angry. They have a strongly worded letter and trying to boycott Disney. In case you don’t know about One Million Moms, they state they are there “to give moms an impact with the decision-makers and […]

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How to lose weight with Jesus

Reading Time: 3 minutes Before talking about how to lose weight with Jesus it’s important to clarify the scriptural basis that, yes, the Lord is concerned that you have put on some pounds. The Messiah wants you to lose them! Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.   1 Corinthians […]

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Biden admin plans to restore religious equality protections gutted under Trump

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nine federal agencies have proposed restoring religious liberty protections that were rescinded during the Trump administration, according to a press release from the Department of Health and Human Services. It’s a long-awaited step in the right direction from the Biden administration and corrects a host of unnecessary and cruel restrictions that allowed groups to get […]

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How to fake being a Christian

Reading Time: 3 minutes How to fake being a Christian may seem to be an odd topic to write about but for many nonbelievers, faking Christianity is a necessity. In many areas of the United States if you’re not a believer, then you could lose out on job opportunities, be harassed, and face being cut off from your family. […]

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Democracy doesn’t work: 3 alternatives – by Vladimir Putin

Reading Time: 3 minutes It is common knowledge in the West that democracy is the superior way of structuring societies. This preferred system of government may manifest itself in different ways such as the parliamentary system of Britain or the two-party presidential system of the United States. However, as the American humorist Mark Twain once said, “Common sense ain’t […]

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