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Parenting a precocious child

Reading Time: 3 minutes She was savvy even as a toddler, with apt facial expressions to match—the knitted brow, narrowed eyes, faraway gaze, puckish grin, chin in hand. When she was three, I asked her to her face if she was the Buddha. She demurred. And so it went through years of parenting a socially astute, logically shrewd child. […]

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Tolerating the hypocrites: religious exemptions and the problem of belief

Reading Time: 3 minutes Americans are skeptical of religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccination rules. According to a recent Pew survey, two-thirds of Americans suspect that those who claim a religious exemption are “just using religion as an excuse to avoid the vaccine.” But let’s be cautious in judging other people.  It is difficult to judge the sincerity of our own beliefs. […]

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Former pastors claim threats from Hillsong founder

Reading Time: 4 minutes Eastern European husband and wife church leaders Vera and Zhenya Kasevich, now living in the US, spoke out for the first time this week about the manner in which they were forced to hand over their Kyiv and Moscow churches, plus all their assets, to Hillsong megachurch founder Brian Houston. According to this report, the […]

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BREAKING: Will Smith resigned from all royal titles

Reading Time: 2 minutes Actor Will Smith resigned from all royal titles earlier today. No longer will the man who starred in such epic movies as King Richard, Independence Day, and Bad Boys be official Hollywood royalty. William Carroll Smith was born to commoners on September 25, 1968, in Philadelphia. His mother was a school administrator. His father was […]