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The UK will outlaw conversion therapy for gays, but not trans people

Reading Time: 3 minutes When the government refers to “talking therapies” it is, in effect, referring to prayer. So its exclusion of trans people from a conversion therapy ban it announced last week can only be interpreted as capitulation to pressure from religious groups who have been working flat-out to retain all “pray-away-the-gay” interventions. In announcing the ban in […]

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A Christian school had kids write letters persuading a friend to stop being gay

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Christian Academy of Louisville in Kentucky told students to write letters urging a fictional gay friend to renounce homosexuality. The assignment, which was due on Thursday, came to light after a parent of one of the students shared screenshots of the rubric with a friend, who then posted them online. The assignment was apparently […]

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A horrific ‘gay purge’ in Chechnya shows the limits of our moral attention

Reading Time: 4 minutes In 2019, a brutal ‘gay purge’ took place in the Russian republic of Chechnya. It was not the first. Since 2017, gay men have been hunted, abducted, and tortured by the Chechen authorities. Some have been murdered. The story was briefly covered by Western media. Thinking that the return (yet again) of concentration camps to […]

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Preacher: Teachers “grooming” kids should be beheaded on live TV

Reading Time: 2 minutes A fundamentalist Christian preacher is calling for LGBTQ-accepting teachers to be shot in the head or beheaded on live television because he believes the conservative lie that they’re “grooming” kids. New Independent Fundamentalist Baptist preacher Jason Graber of Sure Foundation Baptist Church in Spokane, Washington made the comments last week during a weeknight service. It’s […]

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Michigan lawmaker blasts GOP colleague’s Christian bigotry in viral speech

Reading Time: 4 minutes In a rousing speech that no politician should ever have to give, Michigan State Sen. Mallory McMorrow denounced an attack against her by a conservative Christian politician who falsely accused her of being a “groomer” because she supports LGBTQ rights and schools teaching a comprehensive version of U.S. history instead of the white-washed, dumbed-down kind […]

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Oscar Wilde’s ‘Confraternity of the Faithless’

Reading Time: 6 minutes It is sad – one half of the world does not believe in God and the other half does not believe in me. — OSCAR WILDE  On the 7th of July in 1896, Anglo-Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde was incarcerated at Reading Prison for “gross indecency”—what would now be simply described as gay sex. He […]