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Police-led Christian prayer vigil blurs separation of church and state

Reading Time: 3 minutes On April 28th, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in Rojas, et al. v. City of Ocala, Fl, an important separation of church and state case brought by the American Humanist Association (AHA) that requires all our attention. In 2014, the Ocala City Police Department (OPD) planned and facilitated an hour-long, Christian-revival-style […]

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PA Senator argues against After School Satan Clubs

Reading Time: 5 minutes This past April 19th, the Northern Elementary School Board in York, Pennsylvania held a vote which threatened constitutionally guaranteed rights of free expression and religious liberty of the Satanist community. The school board voted to deny students the opportunity to join the After School Satan Club. The board did not frame their vote in Constitutional […]

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How a Pennsylvania school board turned a proposal for an ‘After School Satan Club’ into a witch hunt

Reading Time: 5 minutes The school board meeting that took place in York County, Pennsylvania this past Tuesday, April 19th, had the feel of a puritan village witch trial. National media coverage reported on the school board’s ultimate 8 to 1 vote against allowing the formation of one of The Satanic Temple’s “After School Satan Clubs” in their district, […]

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The Supreme Court is about to fumble a simple church/state separation case

Reading Time: 7 minutes Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard a case of a proselytizing football coach that could unravel decades of church/state jurisprudence and open the door to public school employees effectively pressuring children to adopt their religion, whether or not that’s their stated goal. (That, by the way, would be an outcome far more serious that the “groomer” lies […]

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An Australian mayor blocked Satanists from using a city-owned prayer room

Reading Time: 3 minutes While one controversy involving Satanists is going down in Pennsylvania, a different one is taking place in the Gold Coast, a popular tourist destination in Queensland, Australia. Mayor Tom Tate recently appointed Sue Baynes, an evangelical pastor and his personal spiritual advisor, as the city council’s new “Councillor Advisor,” a title that comes with a […]

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Satanists will sue PA school district for rejecting After School Satan Club

Reading Time: 4 minutes Public school board members in Pennsylvania banned the formation of a non-Christian club at Northern Elementary School after after angry parents complained it would allow “evil” into the school. The proposal to form an After School Satan Club was struck down on an 8-1 vote by the Northern York County School District board Tuesday night. […]

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A Christian ‘health insurance’ ministry left families with millions in unpaid bills

Reading Time: 4 minutes How many families have been screwed over by Christian “health insurance” companies that only the most devout believers can buy into? Christianity Today offers an answer for one of those financial scams: 10,000+ families with unpaid bills totaling over $50 million. And that’s just for one company, Sharity Ministries (formerly Trinity HealthShare), which filed for […]

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Why aren’t churches paying taxes? 

Reading Time: 2 minutes Churches have become deeply political spaces. Prior to the Christian Right’s integration into Republican politics in the 1980s, churches didn’t play a major role in campaigning. Evangelicals have reshaped that narrative, with movements such as the Moral Majority pushing the Christian Right into mainstream political battles. As the decades have worn on, the Christian Right […]

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If criticizing cops causes crime, why are murders highest in Trump country?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The US murder rate is going up. Not good. Despite the fact that accurately identifying the causes of fluctuations in murder rates is fraught with methodological difficulties—given the multiple, varied factors at play—right-wing politicians and media pounce on increasing crime rates as a key issue to generate voter panic; conservatives do all they can to […]