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A day of shame for Nigeria: Humanist Mubarak Bala jailed for 24 years

Reading Time: 2 minutes Humanists International today (Tuesday) strongly condemned a decision by the Kano State High Court to jail Bala for 24 years. The organization, which has been vigorously campaigning for Bala’s release from the day he was taken into custody, described the sentence as “outrageous”. Bala was found guilty on 18 counts of causing a public disturbance […]

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Dr. Ben Carson: Accepting church/state separation is a form of ‘schizophrenia’

Reading Time: 3 minutes On Thursday, during a keynote address at the Air Force Academy’s National Character and Leadership Symposium, Dr. Ben Carson denounced the principle of church/state separation while putting forth a Christian Nationalist agenda that had no basis in the facts. The neurosurgeon and former Trump-nominated Secretary of Housing and Urban Development was asked at the end of […]

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In 2021, atheists made up only 0.1% of the federal prison population

Reading Time: 4 minutes There were 139,002 people in the U.S. federal prison system last year, and exactly 143 of them identified as atheists. Those self-described atheists made up a mere 0.1% of the federal prison population. That’s according to a Freedom of Information Act request I filed last summer with the Federal Bureau of Prisons that arrived earlier this […]