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Have YOU Seen This Missing 100-Ton Recycling Plant? (LSP #219)

Reading Time: 6 minutes Interestingly, absolutely nobody has offered a supernatural explanation for this disappearance. And of course nobody has. This is a 100-ton recycling plant we’re talking about, not lost keys or a parking spot or a missed connection on the subway. Nobody’s going to blame this one on demons or pixies or malevolent Neolithic Bell-Beaker ghosts. Nobody thinks wizards cast a spell to shift a recycling plant into the astral plane.

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Why are midterms brutal for the party in power?

Reading Time: 5 minutes There’s something that President Biden has in common with the last two former Presidents: He is projected to have a difficult midterm election and lose the House and potentially the Senate. President Obama famously had a difficult 2010 midterm election, where Republicans gained 60 seats. President Trump also saw his party lose the House during […]