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Should Religion Be Used to Deny Gay Marriage?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Rev. Reggie Longcrier poses this question to John Edwards for CNN’s YouTube Presidential debate: Sen. Edwards said his opposition to gay marriage has [been] influenced by his Southern Baptist background. Most Americans agree it was wrong and unconstitutional to use religion to justify slavery, segregation and denying women the right to vote. So why is […]

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The Canadian Religion Right

Reading Time: 2 minutes A court case in Alberta, Canada is going to decide whether Reverend Stephen Boissoin‘s letter, which was published in a newspaper, can qualify as hate speech. The controversy stems from a letter Boissoin, then a youth pastor in Red Deer, wrote that was published in the Red Deer Advocate in June 2002. “From kindergarten class […]

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The Worst Article You'll Read All Day

Reading Time: 2 minutes Peter Odoyo, a member of the World e-Parliament, has a op-ed piece titled “Kenya: The Death of Religion And Rise of Atheism in the West” in The Nation (Nairobi). It has some great lines in it. On Christopher Hitchens: He attended Oxford University and was a well-known communist sympathiser. He has published widely. After talking […]

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The Art of Derek Chatwood

Reading Time: 2 minutes Some of you saw the following picture and inquired about where it came from: It’s not from an actual coloring book. It’s a piece of art by the fantastic Derek Chatwood. You can see more of his work on Flickr. Some of my other favorites: Jesus on a Dinosaur, part 2! Jesus and Charles Darwin […]

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Baseball Promotions Make Fundies Mad

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sunday, July 8, will be Pride Night at the San Diego Padres’ home game. What does that mean? It means the scoreboard will give a shoutout to the San Diego Pride supporters/volunteers and the National Anthem will be sung by the Gay Men’s Chorus of San Diego. Coincidentally, the promotions for children usually take place […]

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Atheism as Civil Rights Issue?

Reading Time: 4 minutes A few years ago, DJ Grothe (host of the Point of Inquiry podcast) and Austin Dacey, both of the Center for Inquiry, wrote an article in Free Inquiry magazine (got all that straight?) that has re-emerged among science/atheist bloggers recently. Grothe and Dacey argued that atheism was not a civil rights issue. … is it […]

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The banana – a Christian's nightmare

Reading Time: 4 minutes IN JULY, 2006, the Freethinker drew readers’ attention to the fact that Britain’s most popular pre-packed ready-meal, the ‘umble banana, had been seized upon by increasingly-desperate evangelical Christians to advance their cock-eyed creationist ideas. The banana, according to a leaflet still doing the rounds, is “an atheist’s nightmare”. The leaflet adds. To say that the […]

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Ex-Ex-Gays Speak Out

Reading Time: 2 minutes We laughed when we were told Ted Haggard was “cured” of his gayness after three weeks because the idea of a gay person magically turning straight (through “counseling,” no less) is ludicrous. It’s not always a laughing matter. A lot of gay people, out of fear that there is something wrong with them, try to […]

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I Didn't Know I Had a Choice!

Reading Time: 2 minutes ***Update: It’s photoshopped. The ministry put out this press release: “A photo of our Greenville billboard has recently been doctored by someone and posted on a national website. It is now being distributed around the country. It now reads: “Are you Asian and don’t want to be?” The words above the doctored billboard say that […]

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