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Heads I win, tails you lose: Attacking the EU with double standards

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every day, I listen to “Ukraine: The Latest,” a Daily Telegraph podcast about the conflict in Ukraine. If you’re not familiar, the Daily Telegraph is a UK right-wing broadsheet newspaper, and not in line with my personal political persuasion. However, generally, it is excellent, especially when analyzing the strategic and tactical situation in the war. […]

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Supreme Court: Boston can’t reject a ‘Christian’ flag (but there’s an easy fix)

Reading Time: 8 minutes The Supreme Court ruled today that Boston officials violated a man’s free speech rights when it refused to erect his Christian flag outside City Hall. It was a unanimous decision from the mostly conservative Court, and the only silver lining here may be that the decision comes with rather simple solutions. Harold Shurtleff and his […]

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‘Satan controls the Church’: Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Greene maligns the RCC

Reading Time: 4 minutes A devil of a row has erupted between Catholic League president Bill Donohue and Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene over a recent interview in which she referred to bishops lending aid to immigrants as an example of “Satan controlling the Church.” Donohue has demanded that Greene be sanctioned by House leadership for lashing out […]

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A Christian college punished a sexual assault victim for having premarital sex

Reading Time: 3 minutes Roughly five years ago, a teenager at a private Christian school became pregnant. Visibly pregnant. And that was the problem right there. The girl chose not to have an abortion because it violated her religious beliefs. Because she didn’t do that, though, the school punished her for having premarital sex: She wasn’t allowed to receive […]

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Democrats want to protect grieving mothers; this pastor calls them murderers

Reading Time: 4 minutes In typical fashion, a Christian megachurch pastor heard a rumor, did no investigation of his own, then passed along the lie to his congregation during a sermon. That might sound par for the course for white evangelicals, but in this case, it’s particularly egregious because the anti-abortion lie that was spread was also used to […]

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PA Senator argues against After School Satan Clubs

Reading Time: 5 minutes This past April 19th, the Northern Elementary School Board in York, Pennsylvania held a vote which threatened constitutionally guaranteed rights of free expression and religious liberty of the Satanist community. The school board voted to deny students the opportunity to join the After School Satan Club. The board did not frame their vote in Constitutional […]

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Is QAnon’s non-reality-based politics a threat to democracy? 

Reading Time: 2 minutes QAnon has risen above being a fringe conspiracy theory to become one of the most influential movements in conservative politics. An analysis of QAnon-aligned candidates found that there were 78 candidates on state and federal ballots who adhered to the conspiracy theory. Those candidates are clustered in states like Florida, Arizona, and even California, and […]

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Fascism in India: The role of Nazis in Hindu nationalism

Reading Time: 7 minutes When writing on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role in Hindu extremism, I committed the cardinal sin of not defining a key term: fascism. This was a conscious choice, because I’ve written before on how quickly we mire ourselves in political word games. Better to start with the government figure that Western media keeps centering, as […]

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Elon Musk buys Twitter. What could possibly go wrong?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Everyone has their line. Even 4chan, a supposedly “anything-goes platform” that many think is the worst manifestation of the internet, had a line. It was an animated depiction of child pornography, as well as concerted attacks on female journalists and others associated with Gamergate. The result? 8chan was started as an even more “libertarian” vacuum […]