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The Atheist Bus Campaign and Barack Obama

Reading Time: < 1 minute What do they have in common? Emily Bell of The Guardian writes: The answer is a lot of money from many people — a new model of fundraising, which the web is facilitating. Obama’s campaign attracted about 90% of its donations from people who gave less than $100. Similarly the atheist bus fund is principally […]

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North Carolina Republicans Think Atheists Have a Homosexual Agenda

Reading Time: 2 minutes When the North Carolina Republican State Executive Committee (and the Elizabeth Dole campaign) sent out a mailing attacking Dole’s Senate-seat opponent, Kay Hagan, for associating with atheists, they thought they would smear her character. They thought the same thing when they issued a press release criticizing Hagan for attending a fundraiser hosted by atheists. Everything […]

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U.S. Government Says OK To Religious Discrimination

Reading Time: 2 minutes As Charlie Savage reported in yesterday’s edition of The New York Times, the Department of Justice had approved a million-dollar-plus grant to an organization that will only hire Christians, effectively supporting religious discrimination. The 25-page document, which was issued in 2007, only became available on the DOJ’s website this week. You can read it here […]

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Religion in the Presidential Debates

Reading Time: 2 minutes How many times did Barack Obama and John McCain use the word “God” in the three Presidential debates? Zero. Not a single mention. Not even “God Bless America.” Just as it should be. We have real problems to solve in our country. That means we need real solutions. Prayer doesn’t cut it. God isn’t going […]

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Kay Hagan and Al Franken

Reading Time: 2 minutes We all know why Kay Hagan needs to wrestle that Senate seat away from Elizabeth Dole in North Carolina. Dole is an anti-atheist bigot and her campaign is trying to smear Hagan as some sort of (God forbid?) atheist sympathizer. The Digital Cuttlefish offers a poetic response: … I thought I saw an atheist, So […]

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Republicans Smear Senate Candidate Kay Hagan for Meeting with Atheists

Reading Time: 4 minutes North Carolina Democrat Kay Hagan is running against Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole for a Senate seat, as I’ve mentioned on here before. Hagan is currently winning. And momentum is on her side. Much like John McCain‘s campaign, when Republicans saw their candidate sliding in the polls, they decided to organize a smear campaign against the […]

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Responses to Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Reading Time: 2 minutes Americans United for Separation of Church and State is already filing complaints for the IRS to investigate churches whose pastors participated in Pulpit Freedom Sunday — endorsing a presidential candidate and jeopardizing their church’s tax-exempt status. “These pastors flagrantly violated the law and now must deal with the consequences,” said the Rev. Barry W. Lynn, […]