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Christian nationalism in 2022: An interview with Katherine Stewart

Reading Time: 9 minutes Religious freedom advocate Katherine Stewart, author of The Power Worshippers: Inside the Dangerous Rise of Religious Nationalism, has been writing about politics, policy, education, and church-state relations for over a decade. The Power Worshippers won first place in the Excellence in Nonfiction Books category from the Religion News Association as well as the Morris D. […]

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A pastor covered up a relative’s abuse; now his church must deal with the damage

Reading Time: 5 minutes For at least a year starting in the spring of 2019, a teenager at Immanuel Reformed Presbyterian Church in West Lafayette, Indiana abused a number of children in the church. He touched them over and under their clothes, including acts of sexual abuse and penetration. These incidents were so numerous, investigators learned, that they found […]

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US Christo-fascists love Vladimir Putin

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hi! This is one of OnlySky’s very own comedy contributors here to tell you all about Russia, Ukraine, and, well, GOP Christo-fascists. You may ask yourself, “What does atheism have to do with politics? Isn’t atheism just applying skepticism to God belief?” Cutting to the chase: NO. In an ideal world where the Republican party […]