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Survey: Most Americans Don’t Blame God for Suffering and Evil in the World

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is a fascinating revelation from the Pew Research Center: In a new survey out today, they found that most Americans — even religious ones — don’t attribute tragedy to God. When there’s suffering in the world, they don’t believe it’s simply God acting in “mysterious ways” — it’s often just humans being awful to […]

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How Six of the Catholic Church’s Abuse Victims Faced Their Trauma Decades Later

Reading Time: 4 minutes We typically cover a disappointing-but-not-surprising amount of abuse cases from within the Catholic Church on this site. It’s such a ubiquitous and well-known issue at this point that it’s the punchline of many jokes both in the atheist community and in society in general. We know that there are real people who have been affected […]

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Church Vandalism Would End Faster if Religious Leaders Took Criticism Seriously

Reading Time: 3 minutes As much criticism as I’ve dished out against churches of all stripes, I’ve never understood the desire for some people to vandalize those buildings. (About a decade ago, when a couple of churches in Oregon were tagged with atheist-adjacent messages, we raised money on this site to assist with clean-up efforts.) Just consider what supposedly […]

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The Endtimes Just Ain’t What It Used To Be

Reading Time: 10 minutes It’s nice that he accepts the science around climate change — and about humans having brought our planet to the brink of utter ecological disaster. That’s definitely nice to see from a Christian. But he’s trying to use that potential future as a way to terrorize people into accepting his religious claims.

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Why Michael Flynn dreams of theocracy

Reading Time: 9 minutes Naturally, Michael Flynn got reamed on Twitter for his comment. But he’s revealed a truth that we dare not ignore. This is the endgame for his entire flavor of Christianity. This is them revealing something very important about what they know about their decline. Today, let me show you the dreadful truth that Michael Flynn let slip about evangelicals.

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Christian nationalism and the insurrection

Reading Time: 2 minutes January 6th, 2021 was the moment when Americans started taking white nationalism seriously. The insurrection was led by right-wing groups who stormed through the Capitol and came within feet of lawmakers. The mob waved the Confederate flag as they walked through the halls, prepared to use violence in their attempt to install Donald Trump as […]

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What is the “Great Replacement” Theory?

Reading Time: 2 minutes The “Great Replacement,” also known as the White Replacement Theory, holds that liberals are deliberately pushing to change demographics in the United States for political gain. The theory is largely promoted by white supremacist groups, but it seeped into the conservative mainstream with the election of President Donald Trump. Adherents of the “Great Replacement” believe […]

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Being an ‘evangelical’ has become shorthand for supporting Trump no matter what

Reading Time: 3 minutes When Donald Trump was in office, the percentage of Americans who identified as religious continued to head down, with more people having no organized religious label than ever before. (“Nones” are now about 30% of the population.) But there was one group that defied those trends: White evangelical Christians went from about 25% of the […]