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Christian conspiracist: Accepting faith-healing will make hospitals obsolete

Reading Time: 3 minutes Dave Hayes is a Christian activist known as the “Praying Medic” and an extremely vocal QAnon supporter. Not surprisingly, he’s known for making bonkers conspiratorial claims and just flat-out lying to his audience. (Last month, for example, he told a struggling man he was “healed” after a painful loss… based on absolutely nothing.) But what […]

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Preacher Perry Stone may be under investigation for sexual misconduct

Reading Time: 7 minutes Right-wing pastor Perry Stone appears to be under investigation by the FBI over sexual misconduct allegations as well as his ties to local law enforcement officials in Cleveland, Tennessee. That’s the takeaway from a damning investigation from Wyatt Massey of the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Massey spoke with several people associated with Stone’s Voice of Evangelism ministry who say they’ve already been […]

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Are charter schools threatening church-state separation?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Even though Christianity and its value system have long dominated this country’s politics, the separation of church and state was one of America’s founding principles. The founders ensured that there would be no official state religion, a choice with long-lasting effects on the country’s future. As the country industrialized and levels of education increased, Americans […]

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Evangelical reform: Who’s gonna force accountability on pastors?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Whenever things go hideously wrong in any evangelical group, evangelicals tend to think that The Big Problem Here was a lack of accountability. Had proper accountability existed in their group, nothing bad would have happened because nothing bad could have happened without someone noticing it and addressing it. Scandals, in particular, happen because whoever caused that scandal drifted away from their accountabilibuddies.