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How a Pennsylvania school board turned a proposal for an ‘After School Satan Club’ into a witch hunt

Reading Time: 5 minutes The school board meeting that took place in York County, Pennsylvania this past Tuesday, April 19th, had the feel of a puritan village witch trial. National media coverage reported on the school board’s ultimate 8 to 1 vote against allowing the formation of one of The Satanic Temple’s “After School Satan Clubs” in their district, […]

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Fascism in India: The role of Nazis in Hindu nationalism

Reading Time: 7 minutes When writing on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role in Hindu extremism, I committed the cardinal sin of not defining a key term: fascism. This was a conscious choice, because I’ve written before on how quickly we mire ourselves in political word games. Better to start with the government figure that Western media keeps centering, as […]

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Fascism in India: Who’s ‘in charge’ of 1.4 billion?

Reading Time: 8 minutes There’s something fascinating, if also disturbing, about Western incuriosity around the world’s largest democracy. 1.4 billion of our world’s 7.8 live in India, a country a third the size of the US, which has under a quarter of India’s population. How can the fortunes of so many mean so little? Nevertheless, India exists in the […]

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Scamvangelists and GOP leaders spread election lies at Christian gathering

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last week, a group of Christian nationalists gathered at Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma, alongside several elected Republican politicians, to promote the Big Lie that Donald Trump didn’t lose the 2020 election. It aired on the show “Flashpoint.” These were not fringe figures, just as the politicians weren’t no-name dogcatchers. As Right Wing Watch’s Kyle […]

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Sermon plagiarism: why it suddenly matters to some Southern Baptists

Reading Time: 10 minutes The current president of the SBC, Ed Litton, got caught using someone else’s sermon without attributing it. Usually, sermon plagiarism is simply a minor but common sin in evangelical leadership. But this time, Ed Litton’s faction enemies, the Old Guard, began howling for his resignation. Oddly, they didn’t care at all that his predecessor, J.D. Greear, did something considerably worse during his own reign.

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A Christian ‘health insurance’ ministry left families with millions in unpaid bills

Reading Time: 4 minutes How many families have been screwed over by Christian “health insurance” companies that only the most devout believers can buy into? Christianity Today offers an answer for one of those financial scams: 10,000+ families with unpaid bills totaling over $50 million. And that’s just for one company, Sharity Ministries (formerly Trinity HealthShare), which filed for […]