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‘It’s hard to hear them celebrating’—church musicians after Roe’s demise

Reading Time: 5 minutes On June 26, two days after the ruling by the US Supreme Court on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that effectively overruled Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, a purposefully anonymous group member of the I’m a Choir Director Facebook page, posted the following: Is anyone else having a really hard time […]

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New report: Roberts lobbied Kavanaugh to save Roe before leak of draft opinion

Reading Time: 2 minutes Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts provoked furor from conservatives a decade ago when he voted to save the Affordable Care Act. Voting to save former President Obama’s signature legislation from a court challenge led Republicans to view the justice as an unreliable conservative vote on the court. Now, a report claims that Roberts lobbied […]

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Kentucky judge slams ‘theocratic’ laws in ruling protecting abortion rights

Reading Time: 3 minutes On Friday morning, Jefferson Circuit Judge Mitch Perry ruled that abortion procedures could continue in the state of Kentucky, issuing an injunction requested by two women’s health clinics in Louisville, partly because he didn’t buy the “theocratic” religious argument that life begins at conception. Attorney General Daniel Cameron wants to use the overturning of Roe […]

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Adopt and make them Christian: Oklahoma politicians theocratize the uterus

Reading Time: 5 minutes OnlySky · Adopt and make them Christian—Oklahoma politicians theocratize the uterus | Seth Andrews Oklahoma, my home state, just passed House Bill 4327, the strictest abortion ban in the United States. Already anticipating a spike in new births, theocrats in our government are charging Christian churches and constituents to become adopters and fosters. On a […]