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Oklahoma’s restrictive abortion ban could portend an ominous Supreme Court decision

Reading Time: 2 minutes Republican states have been pushing the envelope on abortion for decades. Although Roe v. Wade had established women had a right to receive an abortion, conservatives fought to narrowly define that right and to limit the time available for women to make that choice. But for decades after the landmark decision, the Supreme Court’s decision […]

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Atheist lawmaker blocks anti-abortion bill pushed by ‘religious extremists’

Reading Time: 5 minutes We’re so used to hearing right-wing politicians use religion to justify their awful policy ideas that it can be jarring to hear a progressive lawmaker smack those ideas down in a barn burner of a speech. Yet that’s what Nebraska Senator Megan Hunt did yesterday in her (ultimately successful) effort to block an anti-abortion bill pushed […]

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When abortion is a joke

Reading Time: 5 minutes My college folklore professor Alan Dundes, a scholar often credited with creating the modern field of folkloristics, was an energetic teacher and learner with both a love and an encyclopedic knowledge of the field. When he gave a lecture on “sick” jokes to a hall filled with hundreds of students, I was fascinated. Even though […]

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The Catholic condom conundrum  

Reading Time: 5 minutes Conundrum: (noun) A confusing and difficult problem or question. You’re in love. You get married. But you don’t want kids…at least not for awhile. Maybe later. Or maybe not at all. But you definitely do not want kids now. You and your spouse are devout Catholics, so you are anti-abortion. You might also be anti-contraception, […]

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Jex Blackmore has abortion live on the news

Reading Time: 2 minutes Former The Satanic Temple (TST) spokesperson and reproductive rights advocate Jex Blackmore, who was (evicted? I’m going to say evicted) evicted from the organization when … just go watch the movie. Anyway, Jex took an abortifacient pill on air. Let’s get you up to speed At some point during the filming of Hail Satan?, Jex […]