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Children of the evolution

Reading Time: 10 minutes OnlySky · Children of the evolution | Dale McGowan When we lived in Minneapolis, our family used to take walks through an area called the Quaking Bog. On one fall walk, I spotted a fawn and waved the kids over. “Look, look. See the deer?” I said. “You can just barely see it against the […]

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Why thanking those who offer their prayers isn’t always the best idea

Reading Time: 4 minutes Earlier this week, OnlySky contributor Kristen Chase offered her take on how we should respond when well-meaning religious people offer their blessings and prayers to atheists. She suggested nonbelievers such as myself respond with one simple phrase: Thank you. I partially agree, while pointing out Kristen’s essential qualifier: well-meaning. Yes, when well-meaning, not passive-aggressive, people […]

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Secular parenting: How to deal with ‘blessings’ and ‘prayers’ from religious friends and family

Reading Time: 2 minutes “She told me she’ll pray for me again,” my teen daughter groaned, after I arrived home from a few days away, my kids in the care of my evangelical Christian mother while I escaped for the weekend. Over the years, I’ve done all the things many nonreligious parents with religious parents of their own do […]

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Raising curious kids

Reading Time: 8 minutes OnlySky · Raising Curious Kids | Dale McGowan There is a sentence that gets said a lot in our house. We’re watching a show and somebody asks Where else have I seen this guy? or, How do they do that special effect? Or we’re having a conversation at dinner, and somebody says If prunes are […]

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Curious science

Reading Time: 8 minutes OnlySky · Curious science | Dale McGowan Science is one of the first things that nonreligious parents want to share with their kids. I have multiple friends with kids whose first or middle name is Darwin or Sagan or Tesla. There are now board books introducing babies to quantum physics, relativity, and organic chemistry, I […]