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Sexualizing Everything Doesn’t Prepare Children for Healthy Relationships

Reading Time: 5 minutes Sex, for me, has never been an easy thing to talk about openly. And I place the blame for this deficiency squarely upon the shoulders of my fundamentalist Christian upbringing. I am hoping that this post will serve as an educational experience for those who don’t understand first-hand how religion poisons the well of sexuality.  Perhaps this […]

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Teen Sent to Conversion Camp as Extended Family Rallies to Save Her

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Victim By this time you may have heard of Sarah, The 17-yr-old Texas teen who was recently sent to a conversion camp to “pray the gay away.” Her cousin, actor Joey Jordan, immediately took to the internet in an attempt to rescue her.  He started a GoFundMe  three days ago to cover the legal fees […]

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How To Parent A Teenage Son

Reading Time: < 1 minute   I had a jokey/epiphany the other day. I had been thinking about all the gross behavior my dad did when I was a kid. For example, when the family went to the beach my father had this habit of changing from his swim suit to his regular clothes. He’d open the front and back […]

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My Recent Trip To NYC

Reading Time: 2 minutes I brought my kids to NYC for a few days. It was our first trip together post-divorce and everything went well. My ex and I have two very different attitudes towards taking time off. For her taking time off meant hanging out by the beach, camping, or going to a water park with the kids. […]