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Throw caution to the wind and stay alive

Reading Time: 4 minutes So there I was, having a cigarette break outside the LGBT store where I had a part-time job in Brighton, England, when a colossal woman was suddenly in my face, coughing and fanning her nose. “Ain’tcha heard of passive smoking?” she barked in a New York accent. Expelling twin plumes of smoke through my nostrils, […]

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Getting my own story straight | Dale McGowan

There’s a story in your head, a kind of autobiography. You’ve been writing and revising it all your life. We take the chaos of information from a normal life and create a story that makes sense. Some of it might even be true.

But considering who’s telling the story, it’s no surprise that a lot of it just doesn’t hold up.

Dale McGowan was well into adulthood before a random memory surfaced, poking a hole in what he calls his “founding myth.” He had a choice: stick with the better story, or switch to the truer one.