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‘But then…what are the children?’

When mixed-belief parents reveal their religious differences to someone, the most common next question is, “But then…what are the children?” The idea of raising kids with no specific worldview label—religious or nonreligious—is as confusing to some people as raising a child without a name. But many mixed-belief couples do exactly that, raising a child who […]

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Finding a crew

I’m mostly a satisfied introvert. It’s one of the reasons I was able to resist the social benefits of church. But the fact that social connection and belonging exert little pull on me does not mean my entirely secular kids won’t develop a desire for it—even if they remain entirely secular.

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A face for the universe

The difference between what the universe is and what we as conscious creatures need it to be, is a very real gap—and it’s really hard to accept. It’s not equally hard to accept for everyone, but I think the basic outrage of it all registers in everyone at some level. There’s something fundamentally Not Okay […]

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Of song and story

We read to our kids when they were young, that’s a no-brainer. Oral language is the foundation of all language, including reading and writing, and kids who are read to early on develop better and deeper language skills. The research is pretty clear on that. And you should do it way past the time they […]

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The science you will never know

The science you will never know can kill you, and it can save your life. Getting scientific answers right is more important at this point in history in countless ways than it has ever been. You and I cannot be productive contributors to every scientific conversation, except in one way: by pointing, on a given issue for which we lack expertise, to the people who do know what the hell they’re talking about.

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