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Gen Z Poles drive secular growth in the Catholic stronghold of Europe

Reading Time: 3 minutes Poland remains the Catholic stronghold of Europe, with 91% of Poles considering themselves Catholics. The percentage of self-declared “believers” remains equally impressive at 87%, and 43% of the population of almost 38 million attend church at least once a week. But secularizing change is afoot. According to the authors of the latest CBOS survey of […]

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Religion and education: Let’s be perfectly clear

Reading Time: 5 minutes Despite a long-time understanding among sociologists that certain forms of religious belief and identification undercut educational attainment, contrarian social scientists and religious apologists often argue that education and religion are completely compatible. Recent arguments by Ilana Horwitz and Ryan Burge go further to claim that religion may even enhance educational success. Such arguments wither under […]

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Z: The least religious generation ever

Reading Time: 4 minutes And religion in America just continues to decline and decline and decline. According to a new report from The Survey Center on American Life of the American Enterprise Institute, Gen Z (comprised of Americans born in or after 1995) is the least religious generation in the nation’s history. In an analysis that reads like veritable […]