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Is religion rooted in childhood gullibility?

Reading Time: 13 minutes The vast majority of people who ever lived have believed in the existence of one god or another. What are the evolutionary forces that made our species—and our species alone—a religious one? Evolutionary thinkers have spilled much ink trying to answer questions like this. Some answers have proven to be much more successful than others. […]

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In 2022, atheists make up only 0.09% of the federal prison population

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are 157,064 people in the U.S. federal prison system, and exactly 134 of them identify as atheists. Those self-described atheists made up a mere 0.09% of the federal prison population. That’s according to a Freedom of Information Act request I filed earlier this year with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I made similar requests […]

Posted inResearch

Maybe religion isn’t dying, but it’s definitely not well

Reading Time: 6 minutes In their recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, Byron R. Johnson and Jeff Levin, referring to a paper they recently published in the Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion (IJRR), argue that religiosity is not declining in the US but rather, “Americans are becoming more religious, and religious institutions are thriving.” This claim is incredible in […]

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‘No religion’ is the second-largest faith group in Australia, census shows

Reading Time: 3 minutes The percentage of Australians who have no religious affiliation has jumped from 30.1% in 2016 to an astonishing 38.9% in 2021, marking a rapid shift away from organized religion. That’s one of the major results released by Australia’s Bureau of Statistics, which conducts a census every five years and began releasing 2021 Census data today. […]

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