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Z: The least religious generation ever

Reading Time: 4 minutes OnlySky · Z The least religious generation ever | Dr. Phil Zuckerman And religion in America just continues to decline and decline and decline. According to a new report from The Survey Center on American Life of the American Enterprise Institute, Gen Z (comprised of Americans born in or after 1995) is the least religious […]

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In 2021, atheists made up only 0.1% of the federal prison population

Reading Time: 4 minutes There were 139,002 people in the U.S. federal prison system last year, and exactly 143 of them identified as atheists. Those self-described atheists made up a mere 0.1% of the federal prison population. That’s according to a Freedom of Information Act request I filed last summer with the Federal Bureau of Prisons that arrived earlier this […]

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A majority of Americans are no longer 100% confident in God’s existence

Reading Time: 2 minutes The percentage of American adults who say they absolutely know of God’s existence and have no doubts about that whatsoever has dropped below 50% for the first time in recorded memory. That’s according to recent data from the General Social Survey. Christopher Ingraham, a data journalist who first pointed out this nugget at The Why […]

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The leading edge of social justice is secular

Reading Time: 5 minutes As Israeli soldiers and settlers continue to brutalize, humiliate, and kill Palestinians with impunity, there is one major human rights organization in Israel documenting and protesting these crimes: B’Tselem. Given that B’Tselem is a humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting for justice, human rights, and the alleviation of suffering, you might think it is a religious […]

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