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Alzheimer’s, artificial sweeteners, and depression meds: A heavy month for health science literacy

Reading Time: 2 minutes Three major reports this month highlight the fragility of ongoing health sciences research, and challenges for broader scientific literacy. Earlier in July, the World Health Organization recommended against the use of non-sugar sweeteners, in a blow to many conventional weight-loss strategies. On July 20, Joanna Moncrieff and Mark Horowitz shared a research review that undermines […]

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“When the affected person is asleep, the tumor awakens”

Reading Time: < 1 minute The accidental discovery of a pattern in blood samples taken from cancer patients has determined that metastatic breast cancer spreads most aggressively at night. Hormones that control circadian rhythms appear to affect the rate of metastasis. “When the affected person is asleep, the tumor awakens,”  says lead researcher Nicola Aceto, professor of Molecular Oncology at the […]

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How do Christians explain vanishing twin syndrome and ensoulment?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Many theists believe that ensoulment takes place at conception, as the soul is either attached to, or emerges from, the physical matter of the fertilized egg. This theological minefield begs for critical analysis, which I’ve discussed as it relates to identical twins, and frozen embryos. In the final installment of my “Ensoulment Trilogy,” I was […]

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Uterus 101: On menstruation, miscarriage, and mifepristone

Reading Time: 10 minutes When my Grade 5 class went through Ontario’s reproductive health curriculum in the mid-1990s, the boys and girls were separated, and received remarkably different lessons. Along with the basics of our changing bodies, I and the girls were shown how to use condoms through a banana demonstration, and told how important protection would be when […]