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Oil imperialism and the struggle for human control over our futures

Reading Time: 4 minutes In March 2020, something unsettling transpired in the global economy. Okay, a few somethings. But while most of the world remembers the sweeping COVID-19 lockdowns, what happened between Saudi Arabia and Russia around oil production is not common knowledge. And yet, as Vladimir Putin has launched a military invasion of Ukraine, we cannot forget the […]

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Who’s afraid of an environmental crisis?

Reading Time: 5 minutes When my grandfather died, his books and magazines were packed up and shipped halfway across the country. In that treasure-trove of old reading, I found science-fiction paperbacks, ancient Greek plays, early 20th-century poetry and philosophy, the occasional beaver magazine (which my father hastily took from my curious nine-year-old hands), and… MAD magazines from the 1970s. […]

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‘Acts of God’ and the climate crisis: Who’s responsible?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Religious believers often invoke the name of the Almighty in their speech. Survivors of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes thank God for protecting them…and apparently absolve Him of blame for failing to protect those who perished. They may justify that in their own mind by believing they were more righteous than the […]

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What Do Some People Have Against the Environment?

Reading Time: 8 minutes For some reason, the environment is a trigger idea for right-wingers. The problem is that, as I have stated a number of times, the right takes free-market economics very seriously, but free-market economics cannot arbitrate for negative externalities. Negative Externalities What this means is that, if a company wants to make widgets, they have costs […]

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Planet of the Humans

Reading Time: 2 minutes Michael Moore is like Marmite – you either love him or hate him, generally speaking. Those on the right particularly hate him for his obvious leftism. Here, his latest film concerns Jeff Gibbs’s journey considering climate change and corporate America, particularly in terms of energy – renewables and fossil fuels. The film is available free […]