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The Quantum Physics Dilemma

Reading Time: 3 minutes Here’s another offering from Dana Horton. Let’s get quantum, and the Einsteinian “mind of God”. The Quantum Physics Dilemma Or How Can I Get Doreen in Accounting to Get Off My Back (5 minute read) Quantum physics was one of our requirements in ministerial school. Yep… quantum physics. Not something that is likely taught in […]

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Did God Give You Kidney Stones?

Reading Time: 6 minutes I would like to introduce you to Matthew Sabatine who will contribute a few pieces that can also be found on his own blog – details below. Over to him: DNA is often given supernatural attributes and its uniqueness is often hard to separate from God as an origin. I have witnessed this understanding many […]

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Guest Post: Word of the Day

Reading Time: 4 minutes This post is from regular commenter Martin Zeichner – thanks muchly, and don’t forget you can submit guest post requests to me through the contact details above. Today, he muses about words, particularly “social”, and in this context, all of the influences on us humans: Anyone who knows me knows that I like to play […]

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5 Ways the Design Argument Fails

Reading Time: 5 minutes A list from a popular Christian apologist doesn’t let us detect design in biology. Let’s move on from that to make our own attack on the Design Argument. Creationists like to say that DNA alone proves design. I say DNA alone rejects the Design Argument.

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“Why Science and Atheism Don’t Mix”. Really?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Aah, John Lennox. So long since I’ve considered you. I remember attending a talk you gave in Southampton years ago on your faith (I can’t remember the subject exactly, but it may have had connections to you being a mathematician). Lennox has written recently in the Discovery Institute’s Evolution News & Science Today (excerpted from […]