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Learning to love our messy activism: A podcast on quinoa

Reading Time: 4 minutes There’s the world we want to live in, and there’s the world we have. In many conversations here on OnlySky, I’ve noticed that one of the biggest mental blocks in activist discourse is our frustration that people won’t think or do differently right now. Why should we cater to their ignorance, or their obstinacy? There’s […]

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There is hope, too, in the well

Reading Time: 5 minutes A common belief in journalism is that you have to emphasize the horror of a situation to spur action. If people aren’t driven by an existential threat, how can we ever expect them to act for a better world? But the well of our world’s suffering runs deep enough with sorrow. We still have a […]

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Scientific horoscope Sun March 20 – Sat March 26

Reading Time: 3 minutes The scientific horoscope this week covers renewable energy, spooky action, napping, and much more! Pisces You may feel like you’re swimming upstream this week. Renewable energy faces challenges, too. Gravity may just help solve solar and wind’s biggest problem. image by @worachatsodsri Aries This week will have you charging ahead, Aries. Scientists are also moving forward! […]

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Scientific horoscope Sun March 13 – March 19

Reading Time: 3 minutes The scientific horoscope this week will educate you on neutrinos, Mongolian voles, Elon Musk’s Neuralink, and more! Pisces You may be dreaming of summer days and nights, Pisces. And someday soon you won’t have to worry about mosquitos carrying dangerous diseases thanks to science. image by @worachatsodsri Aries You may feel like you’re hitting your head […]

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Demand for useless and dangerous ‘alternative’ cures hits an all-time high

Reading Time: 5 minutes In Oscar Wilde’s fabulously funny The Canterbury Ghost, an apparition haunting Canterbury Chase is both mortified and angry when the new owners of the property—American clergyman Hyram B. Otis and his family—flatly refuse to be fazed by his attempts to scare them. The ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville is particularly outraged by the clergyman’s […]