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Sticking the landing: India’s moon shot, Prigozhin’s plane, Xi’s absence, and Africa’s entrance

Reading Time: 5 minutes One lucky lander escaped the world’s nonsense this week, when on August 23 India celebrated being the first country to successfully set down near the moon’s south pole. Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram lander holds a rover equipped for 14 days of exploration, to improve our understanding of lunar geology. The successful landing came days after Russia’s own […]

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NASA’s quest for scientific literacy around so-called UFOs

Reading Time: 6 minutes In a four-hour public meeting on Wednesday, May 31, NASA gathered a team of scientific experts to discuss the role of the US civilian space agency in monitoring and analyzing Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAPs). Associate Deputy Associate Administrator for Research Daniel Evans chaired this conversation, which he described as the “first deliberative actions” for a […]

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When Jesus became a star traveler

Reading Time: 5 minutes Across the Western world, the feast of the Ascension is coming up, celebrating the day Jesus rose up into heaven. It is the final story in his life that included him being killed and then, miraculously, returned to life. And now…he’s in outer space? The tale starts to look strange when put into the cosmology […]

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Early black holes simplify the question of ‘dark energy’

Reading Time: 7 minutes The physics of our universe can be splendidly straightforward at times, even if it takes physicists a while to get there. That’s the current major takeaway from a paper published in Astrophysical Journal Letters on February 15, authored by 17 astronomers in collaboration across nine countries, led by the University of Hawai’i. You’re going to […]

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2022: The year in global review, Part II

Reading Time: 9 minutes Our exercise in the folly of year-end lists continues! In Part I of this global review for 2022, three key themes emerged from this year’s major news events. The first was “Europe on fire”, and the implications of energy infrastructure policy for the environment and future imperialist tyranny. The second dealt with the collapse of […]

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