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Interview: Andy Hall on secularism and comedy

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week we’re debuting ONP:Breakpoint, an evolution of my show “An Ongoing and Necessary Pursuit”. I did two seasons of over at The Satanic Temple TV. This premiere episode features OnlySky’s own resident funnyman Andy Hall. Andy Hall: Secularism Satirist OnlySky columnist Andy Hall (also YouTube’s Laughing in Disbelief) discusses using satire to short-circuit fallacious […]

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Why is US healthcare so expensive?

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s common knowledge that the US healthcare system is deeply broken. But this explainer video by Vox drills down on the details in one painful area: the outrageous difference in cost compared not only to other countries, but to other regions of the US—and even different providers in the same hospital.