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The truth about black cats and monsters

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s a black stray that lives in my neighborhood. He came with the house. The previous owners abandoned him. But he had a cat door so he spent most of his time outside before they’d left anyway.  It was kind of heartbreaking that I couldn’t let him in. I tried at first and he scratched […]

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Is the Pussy Riot ‘Punish’ music video calling out Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church?

Reading Time: 3 minutes I don’t typically write about music, but the Satantic references (along with some interesting commentary on Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church) in the latest Pussy Riot music video, definitely caught my attention. While it’s certainly not the first time a band has used its platform to spotlight current issues, whether social or political, and […]

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Pipes and pints, rabbit holes and warrens: An interview with Jonathan MS Pearce

Reading Time: 16 minutes “I don’t get out much. I could use the excuse of the pandemic. Or my multiple sclerosis. But the truth is, the beach is only just down the road and I’m lazy. No, not lazy…obsessed. Obsessive.” Jonathan MS Pearce, sporting his anachronistic and somewhat iconoclastic mutton chop sideburns, offers me into his suburban house just […]

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6 years of Satanism in Arizona

Reading Time: 4 minutes SatanCon is set to take place next weekend in Scottsdale, Arizona. Calls for prayer rallies are many. The local Catholic Diocese are all advising their flocks to come to church and pray there, but they’re still calling it “spiritual warfare”.  Candidates for office, Megachurch wannabes, and Catholics oh my They can pray if they want […]

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The Endtimes Just Ain’t What It Used To Be

Reading Time: 10 minutes It’s nice that he accepts the science around climate change — and about humans having brought our planet to the brink of utter ecological disaster. That’s definitely nice to see from a Christian. But he’s trying to use that potential future as a way to terrorize people into accepting his religious claims.