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Hey, fellow DisbeRollers–just a heads-up. I couldn’t help but notice that WordPress said that last post was the 102nd. Somehow I missed our big 100! I’m terrible with dates and milestones. I spent most of 1998 absolutely convinced it was 1995. I’m not kidding. And no, no drugs/booze were involved (being a half-beer drunk means I don’t drink very often–I get sick long before things get interesting).

To all the folks who have been traveling along this road with me, whether you lurk or hang out in the comments, thank you. I treasure you all, and I am truly humbled and awed that you’ve chosen to journey with me. I would never have expected the response that I’ve gotten, and I want to express my thanks. For all that I give, I feel like I get so much more back from you. Sometimes I look at these past six months and word “Dayenu” comes to my mind: “It would have been enough” just to have written and flailed around on my own because I felt (and feel) that I’ve got things to say that need to be said, but you folks took me in and made a community out of those things.


So in conclusion, y’all are the best, and here’s to many more outings together.

PS: To the people who keep finding my blog with the search terms “is the SCA Christian?” — stay tuned, I’ll be talking about that soonish, but the short answer is “it’s not really religious in any direction.” Hope that helps.

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